BAMBOO® instrument set

BAMBOO® is the single use instrument set for evospine MIS pedicle screw. The instrument set is the complete percutaneous single use system streamlined to the max with individual implant choice.
BAMBOO® is designed for simplification because it is always ready for use and offers multi-functional instruments.
With using the compact and light weight BAMBOO® set you can save time and resources because of no need to sort out before and after surgery and no need to pre-clean, wash and autoclave. In addition it is always sterile and offers highest hygiene standards and in this way reduces infection risks.

Features and Benefits

  • Single use instrument set to save time and resources
  • Compact and optimized instrument set with light weight of just ~1kg
  • Less instruments and less storage due to one blister with 19 parts
  • Highest hygiene standards to reduce infection risk and surgical time
  • Multi-functional instruments to keep it comfortable

Simplify your daily OR workflow

Optimized instrument handling

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