eFuse® expandable interbody cages with surface technology provides a minimally invasive solution for TLIF Oblique and PLIF as well as for endoscopy procedures with in situ expansion for restoration of normal anatomic disc height and decompression of neural structures.
Streamlined instrumentation achieves minimal tissue disruption and nerv retraction while acieving surgical goal and restoring patient alignment.



  • Titanium endplate design
  • 3 mm bullet tip
  • Endplate with 8°, 12° and 15° lordosis
  • No change of pre-expansion length to post-expansion lenght
  • 8 mm - 13 mm height options in small implant
  • Different implant lengths are availible 


Features and benefits

  • Wide range of implants with 4 different footprints, 3 angle variants, various heights
  • All sterile packed with 5 years of shelf life
  • Anatomically designed with a diagonal shape tip for optimal alignment to cortical edge of endplates
  • Bullet tip simplifies insertion in collapsed degenerative discs without compromising the apophyseal ring
  • Designed to be used with a graft delivery system, without the need for removal of the implant inserter
  • Tactile and visual confirmation of expansion prevents over-distraction
  • Less stock investment due to less needed sizes because of expandable technology
  • Post-pack design allows for insertion of graft material after expansion
  • Controlled in situ expansion allows for foraminal and disc height restoration, as well physiological levels of lordosis
  • Multiple lordotic options to assist in the restoration of normal spino-pelvic alignment (8-12-15 degree)
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